The Chef

Jay Cruz, Executive Chef

Chef Jay’s award-winning ability to create fabulous dishes is the newest secret ingredient in the kitchen at Walker’s Grille, J joined the team in September.

Chef Jay, who hails from D.C., brought his charm and his affinity for American cuisine with him when he arrived on the DC restaurant scene a many years ago, and since then they have been both in high demand.

Chef Jay’s started his culinary career at the tender age of 5, honing his skills as a line cook at his mom’s restaurant in D.C. Here he sliced, diced, chopped and stirred for eight years, working alongside great talent and all the while perfecting his craft.

Chef Jay. was chef at Le Diplomat, where he gained expansive knowledge on French Cuisine but his passion was still for American Farm to Table Cuisine. Walker’s welcomes Chef J. to our restaurant where his extensive skills and passion will be utilized.